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Mother Nature had proven herself very resilient throughout the millennia. She had adapted to drastic changes in temperatures in the Jurassic period, the Ice Age, a meteor strike that supposedly killed the dinosaurs, and God knows what else. Mother Earth had survived humanity's fears of a new Ice Age, then fears of Global Warming, then fears of Global Cooling. Yet nobody saw the real danger coming. Nobody. And by the time they did see it, it was too late.

Yes, the Earth had survived as the multitude of species that crawled across her surface or swam through her oceans came and went. Humans, however, were not so lucky. The Arrogance of Man. Humans had tried to save every endangered species on the planet, but we couldn't even save ourselves. For all our brainpower and ability to manipulate our environment, in many ways we remained the most vulnerable creatures on earth. Suddenly, without warning, humanity's reign was over.

Cockroaches were laughing their asses off at us.

“Hellafunny!” “A nonstop thrill ride!” “Unpredictable!”

Unlike most zombie books, which are as dry and mindless as the creatures they feature, “Floyd and Mikki” is a hilarious horror love story about two simple people lost in a shattered world populated by the undead. They don't know what caused the infection or how to stop it. With wry humor and snarky comments, they rely on their wits and whatever supplies they can scrounge in their daily struggle to stay alive. They encounter plenty of action, colorful characters and riveting horror as they make their way to New California Haven, the last safe zone in America.

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