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Sample 3: F+M Grenade Logo

“What the hell is that?” Floyd asked.


“What'd you do to your hand grenades?”

“Oh! That's us,” Mikki answered with a big smile.

She pulled a grenade from her waistband and held it up. She had used nail polish to draw a big red heart outline on it. Inside the heart, she had painted “F+M.”

“With love from Floyd and Mikki,.” she explained proudly.

Floyd broke out laughing. Then she started laughing with him. Suddenly neither one could stop laughing. It was way funnier than it should have been, and the absurdity of it wouldn't let them go. Floyd leaned against the wall, laughing and laughing as Mikki nearly doubled over. Every time they stopped for a second, they burst out laughing again.

“With love from Floyd and Mikki,.” Floyd repeated through fits of laughter. “Oh, that's great!”

Eventually the laughter subsided and Mikki said, “Wow, Floyd, I don't think I never laughed that hard in my whole life!”

“Me neither. Certainly had nothing good to laugh at for quite a few years. 'With love from Floyd and Mikki.' Damn, girl, you are something else.”

“Glad you like it.”

“Like it, I love it. Will you do me a favor?”

“Maybe, whatcha want?”

“Paint mine when we get back to Zeke's? Hell, let's paint 'em all. That'll be our thing. Like 'Kilroy was here.' We can paint our symbol on the walls wherever we been so we know we cleared a building. Or just to say we were there. Or just for the hell of it.”

“That's a great idea, Floyd! Sure. We can do that!”

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